Eleven Ideas on How to Help Put a Stop to SBS

18 Jan

Here are Holly’s suggestions for getting involved and supporting the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Act of 2007:

  1. Call every congress member for your state. Please see instructions on what to say!
  2. Have all of your friends call too, personal and myspace. The more the better, even additional calls for each state, but you can only call for your state.
  3. Email Hillary until she signs on. She has a congress website, presidential website, and myspace where you can message her plus comment her asking for her support no matter what state you live in.
  4. Email your congress members, myspace AND website.
  5. Mail letters to your congress members. They will get the point if we keep contacting them. I have typed up letters that you are welcome to use.
  6. Email all local media and ask them to do a story on SBS. If they already did one before, ask them to do it again with the updated information on the new bills that were just presented April 25, 2007. I have a media letter that I have been using as well and it has brought some recent response.
  7. Email and write Oprah, Montell and Dr. Phil. They can bring awareness to MILLIONS within a 1 hours show. If a few thousand are inspired to make phone calls, it will not go un-noticed. Have your friends do this too.
  8. Pass out flyers. I have 2 flyers now and am working on a third. Ask permission to post them on grocery store bulletin boards, mall bulletin boards, church, schools, bus stops, rest rooms, local businesses etc.
  9. Write and email every presidential candidate. I think they are all on myspace. Send them messages and post comments urging them to co-sponsor the bill.
  10. Email us with any new ideas you may have.
  11. Sign all child abuse based petitions.

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