Meet Some Power-House Advocates for SBS Prevention Reform

18 Jan

With many thanks to Kelsey (see her comment under this post), I am now able to draw more attention to efforts currently underway with respect to passing the two bills currently being considered by the 110th Congress (some of you may remember my own post on this subject; if you haven’t read it yet, click here). Holly and Rachael created a MySpace profile dedicated to passing the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Act of 2007 and have provided some strong advocacy and actions that I’m going to share here for those who can’t access MySpace.

To read the Senate bill in its entirety, click here.

The House of Representatives bill reads nearly identical and therefore is not posted in this blog.

For terrific ideas on actions you can take to help stop SBS, click here.

For instructions on what to say when you call your congressional representatives and senators about SBS, click here.

For a sample letter to send to your congressional representatives and senators to make them award of SBS issues, click here.

For a sample letter to send to your local media requesting that they do a news report on SBS, click here.

For a listing of senator’s phone numbers by state, click here.

For a listing of congressional representatives by state, click here.

Here’s a message from ♥Holly♥:

The faces of SBS will not only leave you in shock, it will also leave you in tears. Please join our fight to put a stop to SBS. CALL CONGRESS AND URGE THEM TO SIGN ON AS CO-SPONSOR FOR THE SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME PREVENTION ACT OF 2007!

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2 Responses to “Meet Some Power-House Advocates for SBS Prevention Reform”

  1. racheld81 January 18, 2008 at 11:39 PM #

    Sad stuff, Faerie Kat. After learning about London, I found countless videos on You Tube and MySpace dedicated to the victims of this horrible act. It’s important to call attention to the fact that little London is not the only child affected by this tragic violence, every one of these images is equally disturbing and saddening. I think some good may come out of this after all. I’ll be doing what I can for SBS prevention.


  2. Faerie♥Kat January 19, 2008 at 1:14 AM #

    Thank you, racheld81

    In the end, this is what London’s case is really about. Not why did Jessica leave her or did she abandon her or was she a bad mother or is Josh evil, but what can we do to educate new parents so that the chances of this happening again are lessened. I really think we need to be teaching anger management in our primary schools today. It used to be we were taught manners and decorum; now that is out and teens have no structure by which to be guided, and neither did their parents. Everyone suffers frustration and rage; the bottom line is how you’ve been taught to handle it, either through example or educational intervention.

    Even though FL isn’t represented, I’m working on my reps anyway to get them to either add their support or put pressure on the subcommittee members.

    Faerie hugz


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