RITCA Girls Junior Varsity Program, Jan 5th 2005

16 Jan

Both of my nieces are incredibly athletic and highly competitive. My older niece, Natalie, just started college and now plays rugby after years of superb competitive soccer. My youngest niece, Lauren, an excellent gymnast and soccer player, is now in her first year of high school and has joined the track team running relay and competing in the high jump. Here are some photos and video of her in action (her team, the Titans, wear red with white stripes on the sides).

Lauren appears at 1:01-1:04 (blink and you’ll miss her!):


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  1. GT281 January 16, 2008 at 7:23 PM #

    Puff,, i think we’re lost,, this looks like the
    Yahoo sports station…We better go and see what
    happened to Faeriekat…ddfsee,,ghttdxc,,eree,
    woooerdcc….Yeah,, I know blogland is big and dark,,
    we may never find her again,, we’ll just have to
    keep looking…
    Pass me one of those toasted brats,,will ya…
    And the Hungarian dwarf mayonnaise……….

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