Kat’s Review of “Underlying Notes”

28 Dec

Eva Pasco’s debut novel, “Underlying Notes,” uses lyrical prose to invite the reader into the fragrant playground of the book’s main character, Carla Matteo. The juxtaposition of Carla’s perfume fixation against the less aromatic world of her husband’s waste management business threads its way through the story with care. Where this book excels is Ms. Pasco’s eye for the somewhat unflattering, quite amusing and always recognizable descriptions of some of her more colorful characters. The arrival and participation of “Aunt M” in the July 4th celebration was one my favorite scenes, filled with vibrant detail and drenched in hyper-reality. Ms. Pasco’s vast knowledge of the art of perfumery also makes her book shine. For those who never made it past “it smells nice” when selecting a personal scent, Ms. Pasco’s romantic text introduces and develops an appreciation for the intricacies of the mysterious substance, which she calls “the juice.” Please don’t read this book quickly. Like a fine fragrance, let the long, lyrical sentences linger. Let their rich, romantic base notes swirl through your mind and settle. Then follow their Goddess spiral to the heart of “Underlying Notes,” where every woman eventually finds herself.

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