The Sounds of the “Narsilion”

22 Dec

I discovered “Narsilion — Ethereal Fantasy Folk” on the profile of my MySpace friend, Siafanor, and was immediately intrigued. “Narsilion” is an elfin word meaning “the song of the moon and the sun.”

Narsilion is an “ethereal dark goth faery folk band” from Spain. They have a beautifully designed website, an interesting MySpace profile (where you can listen to and buy individual tracks), and two albums (Arcadia and Nerbeleth) available directly from (with a third, The Hate Lay Hidden, available from a third party for an exorbitant sum). There is another album titled “Return to the Silver Forest,” but I haven’t been able to locate a copy. The album cover is shown below.


Here is a video from YouTube to give your ears a “taste”:

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  1. Javier May 21, 2008 at 4:36 AM #

    On the ethereal goth vein and also from the same town you’ll find Trobar de Morte (medieval) and Priscilla Hernandez (fairy music), both bands worth a check if you like narsilion and are based in the same town, have seen them all live, all are cool!

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