Ladies Who Lunch Freeze at ICE

17 Dec


Once a month my retired lady friends get together for lunch. This month we went to the Gaylord Palms (which is a resort hotel the size of a small city). Only 5 ladies made it this month, but we still had a fab time. We ate at Sunset Sam’s Fish Camp in the Key West section of the atrium (I did say the place was huge!). I had Ahi Tuna Tartar and Crab Bisque (delightful!). Jackie tried their Island Nachos, an interesting combination of pulled pork, Key West krackers, black bean relish, mango salsa, mozzarella cheese, avocado and sour cream. It was enough to have fed all of us, so we each had a taste. Susan and Monica opted for the Spring Mix Salad with Jerk Rubbed Chicken, and Ellen tried their Cuban Sandwich. Jackie and Monica had their mango ice tea, Sue had a glass of wine, and Ellen and I splurged on pomegranate martinis (very tasty!).

After lunch, we wandered through the atrium, solving riddles and looking for hidden gnomes (proper pronunciation after wine and pomegranate martinis: ga-no-meez!], laughing our fool heads off! Jackie found a card for this “treasure” hunt on our table at lunch and (being a tad on the competitive side) was determined to find all ten of the little buggers. I spied 3 of them and we did eventually find 9. There were 10 “bonus” gnomes and we found one of those, so she did get 10 total, which qualified her to enter the drawing for a 7 day cruise. We’re keeping our fingers crossed [pronounced “cross-ted” — we tend to get a bit silly!].

Next we headed into their premier winter attraction, ICE!

Who says the holidays in Florida are all about palm trees and sunshine? Prepare for the coolest winter on record as Gaylord PalmsTM Resort presents ICE!; an instant dose of winter, this spectacle is hand-carved from nearly two million pounds of ice!

Put away the flip-flops, this event is a chilly 9 degrees! But, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of parkas to keep you warm!

Your ICE! experience continues throughout the resort, with Best of Florida Christmas at Gaylord Palms, a celebration of the holidays in the Sunshine State.

We all had purchased our ICE! tickets on-line. I was the only one who needed to pick up her ticket at the “will call” window, but it turned out to be a good thing because they gave me a coupon for free cups of hot chocolate for my whole party (which we thought was pretty cool…er…hot!).

Here are some pictures we took with my camera. Sue and I were the only ones to brave the ice slide; the girl at the top gave me such a shove, I did a body “luge” the whole way down riding about 1/3rd of the way up the wall! Since I spent the whole time on my back instead of my butt, you’ll see a loverly shot of my ass when I get to the end! Good thing the attendant was a big strong guy who literally was able to pick me up and set me back on my feet!

I do so love the girlfriends from work — I miss them a whole lot, too (don’t miss the work, but I love to hear the stories they tell as most of them are now doing consulting work and are still hooked into the “grapevine” — Ellen’s even written a book about the crazy nuts we’ve worked with). Enjoy!

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