“Underlying Notes” Review by Jonathan Womack

11 Dec

I am currently reading this book, written by Eva Pasco, a fabulously talented MySpace friend. I’m so happy to post this glowing review (I’ll write my own soon):

Underlying Notes is a well-blended concoction of the day-to-day events that shape one’s life. Comfort food for your heart, it is mixed with flavorful characters that stay with you long after the feast.Certain signposts of life can be seen only in the rearview mirror, others come at you head on; so learns Carla Matteo, a married, fifty-something woman defining her second act of life. Carla incorporates her love for fragrances and their various scents, or “notes,” to cope with the myriad of pitfalls and successes that happen to all of us.

A long-time fan of suspense thrillers, I stepped outside my comfort zone with this romantic offering. To my delight, I have discovered a new, favorite author in Eva Pasco. Like the warmest of neighbors, Pasco invites you into her main character’s home, directing the reader’s gaze along the mantle where pictures of friends and relatives, past and present, line the shelves of her imagination. Crafting elegant prose, your literary hostess shares the fabric of their lives, and strangers soon become second family.

My endearing attachment to a fictional character is a testament to Pasco’s writing skill. A few scenes had me overcome, and I had to put the book down. This story will stay with me for a long time, and has earned a place on my top shelf.

Jonathan Womack, author of A Cry for a Hero and The Dogman Cometh

Eva’s book is available from Amazon.

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