The Letter Game

27 Nov

The object of this game, sponsored by the always wonderful and forever clever Raven, is to list eight things you love beginning with a letter she assigned; my letter is (happy, happy, joy, joy!) the letter F:

1. Faeries – Faeries, faeries and more faeries! And by extension: faerie tales and faerie land. From the time I learned to read at the age of two, I have been in love with all the denizens in the Realm of Faerie, not just the light and airy winged variety. Give me brownies, boggarts and banshees, dryads, dragons and dwarves, gnomes, grims and gryphons, kelpies and knockers, pixies and phookas, sprites, sylphs, spriggans and selkies, changelings, elves and hobgoblins, leprechauns, mermaids, nymphs and trows, unicorns, will o’ the wisps and let’s not forget the bogeyman! For me, no other better archetypes exist that so clearly personify the natural energies of the spiritual world, helping us to understand the cycle of birth, sex, fertility and death. It has been suggested that Faeries may be a composition of the spirits of nature, Pagan deities, souls of the Pagan dead, folk memories of aboriginal races, and belief in an Underworld. Wherever Faeries originated, they exist in the realm between the worlds along with Elementals, Spirits, Angels and Gods.


2. Friends – I couldn’t live without my friends; my friends made throughout my career as a negotiator and my friends here on the Internet. You can’t pick your family, but you do get to pick your friends, and I think I have the very best friends. My family is great, don’t get me wrong; but they’re obligated in a way that friends aren’t, and when friends come through for you, they don’t do it because they feel obligated. They are there because they want to be there. And my women friends are my most important friends of all. They are the people who, just knowing they are here in the world, give me the courage and strength to continue on the darkest of days. My girlfriends are witty, heroic, opinionated, fierce, beautiful, wise and kind. I say we let them rule the world!


3. Flowers – I was never so happy as when I finally was able to buy a home of my own with a yard where I could plant anything I wanted — and I filled it with flowers, flowers and more flowers! Gardenia, daylily, Louisiana iris, crape myrtle, rose, salvia, bougainvillea, false heather, jasmine, honeysuckle, azalea, periwinkle, pansy, johnny jump-up, hibiscus, oleander, orchids, amaryllis, begonia, bird of paradise, impatien, lantana, agapanthus, morning glory, camellia, hydrangea, plumbago, purple orchid tree, magnolia, jacaranda, all have found a home in my yard at one time or another! There is no grass at all in the side or backyards. Let’s not forget the Florida state flower – the fragrant orange blossom!


4. Flirting – I’m an incurable flirt — I freely admit it. I love to touch when I talk, make witty innuendos, dance dirty, dress suggestively, and generally act slutty! Lest you think I’m an actual ‘ho, do let me quantify that I don’t do this with strangers and I don’t do it alone. I have a couple of girlfriends that also like to have fun this way and we have a wide circle of male friends that indulge this behavior (they think it’s adorable) and they guard us against “undesirable” interlopers, so we’re safe at all times. We get to play at getting “our groove on” without any consequences and everyone gets a boatload of giggles at the same time.


5. Femininity – I’m a girly girl, through and through. Give me lots of frilly lace, flounces and ribbons, perfumes, lotions and powders, rings, necklaces and bracelets, sexy thongs, high heels and garters, lipstick, blush and eyeliner, long hair, long nails and pedicures. I love bubble baths and body wraps, day-long spas and shopping malls. I love all shades of pink – clothes, roses, and semi-precious stones. I’m just happy to be female!


6. Felines – I love felines and cats of all sizes, from the common house cat to the big cats of the African continent. Until my cat, Missy, crossed over in 1998, I have always had a cat (or four) around, but I simply couldn’t bear to replace my ginger tabby and opted instead to adopt two Sun Conures (which precluded bringing another cat into the household — my personal nightmare being a bad Tweetie cartoon ending). Cats are, of course, a stereotypical witch’s familiar, but I’ve never owned a cat who was interested in that position. All of my cats have been simple loving companions of more than average intelligence (IMO), capable of opening cupboards, catching and fetching, and hogging the blanket. The picture below is a Florida panther, an endangered species.


7. Fluorite – I love this gemstone, which is valued for its spiritual awareness, but best of all (IMO) is a favorite of the faeries! Fluorite’s crystalline structure brings stability and order into the wearer’s life. A third eye stone, it’s an excellent choice for meditation, bringing calm and helping to focus and achieve inner silence. Fluorite works on the brain to provide openness to your Higher Source and to manifest that information gained on the material plane. An aid in study and intellectual pursuits, it increases concentration, and allows clear and detached reasoning. Fluorite also attracts faeries, and planting this stone at the four corners of your yard willnaid in creating a Faerie Garden — just watch out, those faeries can be mischievous!


8. Fireplaces – A roaring fireplace can be both romantic and prosaic. Whether used to actually heat the home or just to warm the cockles of the heart, I love the ambiance imparted by the dancing flames and glowing embers. Whether locked in a lover’s embrace or roasting my cold feet while eating my Grandmother’s freshly baked bread smothered with apple butter, a fireplace is at the center of so many wonderful memories. The smell of cedar, the sound of popping sap and the swirling sparks flying up the chimney flue remain with me to this day. Hauling in the wood and kindling, starting the fire, adjusting the burning logs, and toting out the ashes; each task had its own special tools and accoutrement, beautifully fashioned and fascinating in their own right. Such bright blessings from the fire Goddesses: Pele (Hawaiian), Hestia (Greek), Vesta (Roman), and Brighid (Celtic).


2 Responses to “The Letter Game”

  1. Raven Emrys November 27, 2007 at 9:47 PM #

    What an excellent list! (But then I knew that ‘F’ was *your* letter! LOL!

    I love that you “get your groove on” with your chick pals! Very groovy indeed!

    And I am a BIG fluorite lover as well! I have all sorts of beautiful pieces of it on my West altar, because I feel that it holds all the colors of the ocean within it.

    Also I’m greatly diggin’ the felines, faeries, friends, flowers and fireplaces! ‘F’ is just an all around awesome letter!!!!

    Thanks for sharing with us and for participating in this little game! I loved you beautiful choice of images!

  2. Faerie♥Kat November 29, 2007 at 7:41 PM #

    Thanks, Raven. I love doing the exercises you post on your blog; they’re always so creative and inventive, perfect for an aspiring writer.

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