Read That To Me Again, Please

22 Nov

My darling Jebbica never fails to delight and amuse me. Found this widget on her website today (she beats me for sheer nerdiness hands down every time!). The rating for my blog at is:

cash advance

And if you’re the right age (an age I flew past years ago), do check out the HPV “Pass It On” study (we think you probably won’t grow an extra head).

Update: I added my reading list to tonight and apparently it’s a little on the heavy side because:

cash advance

I don’t know if this is a “Rah, Rah!” or an “Oops!”

I call my reading list “Who Kat Is Sleeping With” because I always fall asleep reading and the books end up piled in the bed with me. And cold sleeping companions they are, too! However, not a single one has ever tried to hog the blanket, so I’m not going to lodge any formal complaints.

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