Thanksgiving This And That

19 Nov

The incredibly talented and indefatigable Raven Emrys created this charming Thanksgiving survey; post yours and let me know so I can visit:

Q: Turkey or Ham?
A: Gobbler always. Oinker sometimes.

Q: White meat, Dark meat or Either?
A: Only white and only a little.

Q: Do you do the wishbone tradition?
A: Not since I was a kid.

Q: Stuffing: Inside or beside the turkey?
A: Beside it. There’s the whole salmonella thing, but mostly because we have a French meat stuffing that takes hours to make on the stove-top and is loading with the most amazing spices. I have no idea how to make it; it’s my step-mom’s secret family recipe.

Q: Cranberries. Jelly or Relish?
A: Relish

Q: Do you always say a prayer before your Thanksgiving meal?
A: Rarely, unless you count “I sure am glad I didn’t have to cook all this food!”

Q: Do you have large or small Thanksgiving dinners (do you invite lots of people over)?
A: Just immediate family.

Q: Do you go to more than one Thanksgiving dinner?
A: One gourmet meal is enough; my step-mom is a fantastic cook.

Q: Do you put up any Thanksgiving/Harvest decorations?
A: Nada; not enough energy.

Q: Do you use Thanksgiving themed salt-n-pepper shakers on your table?
A: Nary a one.

Q: What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish (excluding desert)?
A: My step-mom’s spiced meat stuffing; she calls it “cocton” and its even great spread on toast and made into sandwiches for days afterwards.

Q: Cake or Pie?
A: Pies, plural!

Q: Favorite Thanksgiving dinner desert?
A: Pumpkin or sweet potato pie.

Q: Cool Whip – yes or no?
A: Can’t eat pie without it.

Q: What do you do after the feast is over?
A: Watch a movie on TV, drink some champagne, and talk, talk, talk.

Q: Do you believe in having your Yule/Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving day?
A: Trees go up right AFTER Thanksgiving; I hate rushing the holidays.

Q: Do you go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving?
A: I have too little sanity left to wantonly throw it away!

Q: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving as a remembrance of the Pilgrims 1st Thanksgiving – or do you do it more as a celebration/honoring of things you are grateful and thankful for – or maybe a blend of both?
A: More like a chance to get the family together and enjoy my step-mom’s hospitality and fantastic cooking – and display my incredible dishwasher loading skills!

Q: What’s your favorite Thanksgiving Day memory from childhood?
A: My Grandmother’s “dilly beans.” She was an incredible gardener and canner; she put up everything from mountain blackberries to homemade chili. But my absolute favorite was her dilled garden green beans; they were so crisp and tangy. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

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