Say No To Anorexia

29 Oct

To be anorexic and have Hereditary Angio Edema (HAE) would be a faster and more fully guaranteed suicide/death warrant than either illness alone and I’m so happy to say I’ve never suffered from anorexia or bolemia — but there are a multitude of girls and women who do and their number is still rising. It’s bad enough that I can’t eat, no matter how hungry I am, when I have an acute attack of HAE or am recovering from a really severe attack — I jokingly called it “food-a-phobia.” But anorexia and bolemia are nothing to joke about and the Italian womenswear brand Nolita has caused a lot of commotion with their new and controversial campaign that shows photographs of 27-year-old emaciated anorexia patient Isabelle Caro (a French actress) bearing the legend ‘No Anorexia’.

Check out this campaign and take their opinion poll here.

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