I Cooked!

29 Oct

I made one of my limited stock (read “two” here) of made-from-scratch recipes last night and I was so impressed with own little self! I probably haven’t made Japanese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce in over two years. Not because I’m lazy (although I freely admit that this is often a giant contributing factor when it comes to my cooking) or incapable (a much bigger stumbling block I have to ‘fess up to), but because my local grocer doesn’t carry Japanese eggplant and I have to remember to stop at a different supermarket chain on the way home from my immunologist.

So I made up a huge batch, this dish being one of my very best faves, in my enormous chicken fryer – absolutely humongous – and still I only have enough leftovers for maybe two more meals [::pout::]. And I’m so salivating just thinking about those leftovers, I almost had them for breakfast – I’m weird and hopeless, I know.

Thinking about weird, yesterday a MySpace friend posted answers to 10 questions concerning weird things about herself in her blog. The questions weren’t posted, but I’m guessing the first one was about food, because she wrote that she liked toasted peanut butter and mayo sandwiches. She tried to stop anyone posting a comment about how gross this was by admitting up front that many people thought that, but she loved it and thought people should try it before they started knocking it.

This is the first person outside of my family that I’ve ever heard likes this combo; I was raised on peanut butter and mayo sandwiches (although not toasted) and every branch of the maternal side of the family I’ve met loves this comb, too.

I suspected all along there were other “weirdoes” out there and now I finally have the proof!

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