Confessions of a Jewelry Junkie

7 Oct

I am an unabashed and unashamed clotheshorse; I love anything that is sparkly and glittery and bright! Shoes, purses, jewelry, jackets, tops, jeans, you name it, I’ve got way too much of it.

I hit “Make Me Smile” a few days ago and wiped out Sharon’s inventory, and I’m not kidding — you all lost out big time. Here’s the haul you could have had that, on average, only cost me about $10 per set (oh, next best thing to having your guy cook for you is getting great stuff for next to nothing, no lie):

You can find Sharon Kovalcsik and her “Make Me Smile” shop on (under sellers:usernames, search for Sharonk1420); you can also reach her at (423)386-4174 and

Please support small businesses and talented artisans whenever you can.

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