Grandma Is Finally Home!!!

7 Sep

Just got off the phone after talking to my Grandmother. The movers brought all her stuff (well, almost all of her stuff) home from the assisted living facility yesterday and she is back in her own home once more. She sounded tired, but oh so happy!

Stephanie, the woman who was helping to take care of the house previously, has returned and was out at Wal-Mart buying some of the essentials needed to refurbish the stripped down house. She’s a real gem. Grandma was having so much trouble getting help that actually knew how to clean without being told what needed to be done and how to do it, much less not to move everything around to the point that she couldn’t find anything after they left! Stephanie shows up, sees what needs to be done, does it well, leaves things just where my Grandmother puts them, and visits with her to boot; now she’s doing shopping errands, too. This is just one of the excellent resources my Grandmother has to help her and one of the many reasons I supported her decision to return back home.

She’s a little impatient today, waiting for her satellite dish to get hooked back up so she can watch her beloved sports. I’ve never known a woman so crazy about live and televised sports. Last time I talked to her, she was watching trick bowling, and she never misses a Jazz game if it can be helped. She hasn’t had her “fix” today and I kinda feel sorry for the poor guy who shows to hook up the dish, ‘cuz she’s gonna have him working at warp speed! And the Goddess help him if he doesn’t show up until tomorrow!!!

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