The Kenneth W. Southcomb, Aviation Supply Marine of the Year Award

5 Sep

My friend David, AKA Pup, was telling me today about his father, Kenneth W. Southcomb. The US Marine Corps created an award to honor him as “a leader in the field of aviation supply, who served with distinction for thirty years.” What a great tribute!

It honestly brought tears to my eyes as I thought of all the people who have dedicated themselves and, indeed, their whole lives to civil service and the armed forces. I’ve always been conflicted because I hold all life to be sacred, and yet the necessity to protect life through armed conflict seems so unavoidable at times. Like Pup’s father, I worked behind the lines, trying to do whatever could be done to support those on the frontlines; making their lives safer, more secure, more livable. Such a necessary function as long as there are troops, and I can’t foresee that there ever will be a time when there are not. It breaks my heart, but then I think there are brave people like Pup’s father, and mine, my friend’s, and yours, who step up and do what must be done. They serve and they protect.

If you’d like to read about this award and the latest recipient, check out this link.

They will probably decide the 2006 award by the end of FY07, which is 30 Sep 07. When it will post is another matter, if I know the USMC, and I think I do! ::smile::

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