Happy Ending

26 Aug

My grandmother’s release from “prison/jail/hell” (as she has variously called it) has been secured!


It was surprisingly easy, but if I hadn’t had the right skills in the first place, I imagine it would have been a nightmare. Fortunately, I was able to get everyone to cooperate and communicate. Everyone feels like they “won,” their voices were heard, their concerns were addressed, and the final solution was acceptable. Spent a lot of time on the phone and was exhausted afterwards, but it was SO worth it to hear the happiness in my Grandmother’s voice.


I spent hours “negotiating” with Aunt Barbara, Ann (the owner of the nursing facility), Barbara’s lawyer, and Grandma’s doctor to have Barbara drop her petition (having convinced her Grandma isn’t going home for the express purpose of committing suicide(!!)), get the case pulled out of the court and the subpoena revoked, have Grandma evaluated by her doctor, and relaying his opinion that Grandma is perfectly capable of living on her own to Ann. Whew! All by long distance.


So Grandma is really happy and excited to be going home on the 6th of September. She’ll have to completely refurnish, of course, but she is looking forward to that. And I’m just happy she’s going to get to.

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