The Crisis Continues Unabated – Thank You, Marie

14 Aug

And the mess Marie started just keeps on getting messier!

My grandmother is in an assisted living facility that she wants to leave and return to her home. I think she should be allowed to and her sister, Barbara, has obtained a court order granting her temporary guardianship in order to prevent it.

My grandmother called me today in a panic and I have been on the phone all day trying to straighten this out. My grandmother wants me to be her guardian; not because I agree with her, but because I am the only one she listens to. We are very, very close and always have been.

The order is only temporary and I’ve convinced my grandmother to stay put until the end of the month; I have a doctor coming in tomorrow to evaluate her swallowing capability and put her back on her anti-depressant (Barbara is convinced she’s going to commit suicide at the drop of a hat — roll eyes — I’ve convinced her she’s not going to but Grandma does suffer from depression and that needs to get taken care of).

Once I have his evaluation, I will have to decide whether or not she needs a permanent guardianship and where she will live. The lawyer agrees with me that we shouldn’t do a permanent order it if we can help it as it is causing her greater distress. I’ve tried for years to get her to come live with me (she lives in Utah), but that’s such a big change and she really doesn’t want to do it — like me, she needs her solitude.

If I do get guardianship, it will only be for her physical well-being (not control of her finances) and I told her if she didn’t take extra good care of herself and died of neglect, I would go to jail (I’m not sure if this is true, but I’ve seen stuff like that on the evening news here in FL). My cousin John’s son is in prison for murder and I knew this would give her cause for thought — she sure doesn’t want to do anything that would make her Trinket end up in prison!

It’s times like this that I am grateful that I have 25 years worth of negotiation skills and tricks at my fingertips!

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