But Can She Still Spin a Tale?

27 Jul

My Grandmother Vivian asked me to write about her life. I thought this was an excellent idea, as my Grandmother is my most favorite person and I am supposedly a qualified writer.

Does anyone remember the articles that used to appear in Reader’s Digest about people’s most favorite person? My Grandmother had years and years worth of RDs on her bookshelves and I must have read every one of those digests at least twice, and I loved those articles. I knew that someday I would write one about her. But I never did.

My first two years of college, my major was in English. By the end of my second year, I decided that I didn’t have anything to say. Oh, I could write and I wrote well, according to my English professors. I just didn’t feel that I had anything of value to contribute to the world of literature, or even to humanity. I felt very young and inexperienced. I know now that I was exceedingly old for my years and probably too mature for my own good, which is probably why I wanted a job where I could earn some real money, cut loose, and stop living hand-to-mouth. I wanted to live large! And I did. But I stopped writing for the fun of it, and starting writing highly technical, legal documents for the United States government. And if that doesn’t stifle one’s creativity…

So, now I need to rediscover my love of writing, the spontaneity and joy that I once possessed. And I need to remember my Grandmother and write her life story. After all these long years of illness and drugs, dry and barren formulaic writing, and millions of dead braincells, will it be possible to recapture the creative spark of inspiration?

Probably not, but try not, achieve not…so, what the hell! It’s time to sweep up all the faerie dust I’ve collected through the years and make of it what I can. My hunt for my mystical muse begins anew…

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