17 Mar


Here is a perfect example of how, as we travel our personal paths and our nature and needs change, not only do new personifications of the goddess and god, as well as other spiritual helpers, transverse our path exactly when they are needed, but you can never tell how or who will appear. Enjoy!

Originally posted on The Eagle and The Serpent:

I had an experience last night that was so unusual and amazing that I feel I just have to share it.

I’ve not been feeling myself lately (hence the delay in blogging): I’ve been very low – in mood, energy, and physicality. I am constantly tired, and feel like I am living in shades of grey. I have not been giving my children the mother they deserve. So last night, I did a ritual to ask for help.

After casting the circle and inviting and welcoming the four elements (Air; Fire; Water: Earth), I called specifically on the Mother aspect of the Goddess to help me. I asked her to help me banish the negativity around me and in me, to give me, as a Mother and as a Woman, patience; love; joy; calmness; to be the mother I should be, to know that I can be.

I am not…

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