Finding Lost Items

23 Mar

Two weeks ago, a friend called me in panic because a relative left some expensive equipment in her home and it had gone missing. After taking her through some meditative techniques to calm and center her energies, and teaching her my own visualization technique for finding lost items, I did a small candle spell to booster and support her efforts and that was that. I haven’t heard back from her yet, so I don’t know the outcome, but I had my own little troubles to distract me.

In fact, that same day I’d used exactly what I taught her to find a book I was sure I owned, but couldn’t find. And like her, I was POSITIVE I’d looked everywhere. Including the refrigerator! Alas, I could not find the book and was feeling really frustrated. But once I calmed and centered my energies, extending them through the house and “looking” in every nook and cranny while seated calmly in my living room, I “saw” the book in my guest room, a room in which I hadn’t actually looked.

Sometimes we’re positive about something that just isn’t so. We “see” what we have conditioned ourselves to see. I had conditioned myself to believe I didn’t put books in my guest room and so subconsciously eliminated it from my search, and yet considered my search POSITIVELY complete! The end result was that I obviously had decided at some point to stash a couple of stacks of books in the guest room (I’m sure only temporarily!) and then forgotten them.

Also two weeks ago, I purchased several new dish towels, because all my dish towels had, one by one, snuck off to points unknown. The new dish towels are perfectly serviceable, but not nearly as nice or pretty. So this past weekend I decided to leave a small offering to my house faeries to see whether they would coax my delinquent towels out of hiding. As to why I didn’t do this BEFORE buying replacements — well, I’m getting old — that’s the only excuse I can think of and apparently it’s time to start doing some memory spells.

Happily, the house faeries were successful and three towels have already been corralled! One I found in plain sight and the others I found peeking out of a stack of papers and a stack of books. They look rather sheepish and ashamed, but smell and look fresh and clean, so I’m not putting them into the wash again for fear they’ll get together to canoodle another escape. They’ve been penned up with the new towels and hopefully are exchanging personal information in a nice little “getting to know you” coffee klatch in the kitchen cupboard.

Here’s my favorite rhyme for asking my house faeries to help me find things I’ve misplaced in my home:

Something’s gone, lost somewhere,
It simply vanished into air!
If its whereabouts you ken,
Would you bring it back again?

Leave a small, shiny object on your altar or your house faeries’ favorite meeting spot to reward them for their efforts.

Here are some other ideas (collected from various sources around the Internet without attribution) for finding lost objects:

Anoint a yellow candle with lemongrass oil from the base up to the top. Light the candle and some jasmine incense. Sit quietly and say:

Object I seek, come to me,
Wherever ye hide, I shall see.
And as my word, so mote it be!

Close your eyes and focus your attention on your third eye (center of forehead). Be open to any impressions you receive as to where your object may be. If you don’t see much at first, don’t get discouraged. It just may jump out at you later.

Here’s another:

Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now, open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek,
By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.

Say or chant:

I now invoke the law of three,
What once was lost returns to me.

This can be spoken as needed when you have lost something:

Bound and binding,
Binding, bound,
See the sight,
Hear the sound.
What was lost,
Now is found,
Bound and binding,
Binding, bound.

Then think of what the object looks like and how it sounds.


Earth, air, water, fire,
Help me find what I desire.
Candle, cup, wind, seed,
Help me find what I need.

Remember to think about what you want to find very hard.

Cast a circle as you normally would. Then say:

By the powers of Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea,
What once was lost return to me.

Release the magic and wait.

Concentrate on the item you have lost and recite these words at length:

What is lost, must now be found,
Take my luck and turn it around.

Repeat three times.

You might want to try this spell:


Black candle (for solving mysteries and drawing away the negativity of the loss)
Orange candle (for luck and precious objects)
Small Magnet

Cast your circle and invoke the Elemental Guardians. Light the black candle first and then the orange candle. Visualize the lost object(s) in the mirror as already being found. Place the magnet between the two candles and stroke it towards you as you say the following three times:

By the wavering flame of this black light,
Grant to me of my (name lost item) a sight.
By the power of this orange flame,
Give me luck to find the same.
In this mirror the (name lost item) I see.
Make the magnet draw them to me.

Close the circle, but let the candles burn down with the magnet between them.

If your item still eludes you, try this approach. Under a full moon say:

Wolves and fairies, dragons and ghosts,
Help me find the thing I need most.
My (name lost item) is lost and cannot be found,
Whether lost above or below the ground.
Bring it back to me, So mote it be!

Here’s another spell:


Purple, cinnamon-scented candle
Tea tree oil
A brush made out of the tail of a squirrel
Red ink
Lavender oil

Under the light of a purple, cinnamon-scented candle, drip tea tree oil on a piece of paper. Hold the paper so that the oil flows downward. When it falls off the paper, take the brush and dip it in the ink. Trace the route made by the oil on the paper with the ink, forming a squiggly line. Recite the following spell:

Tipping on my toes,
Crouching on my knees,
Looking in burrows,
And the hives of bees.
The matter misplaced,
Recover I must,
Before time turns it
To dirt, grime and dust.

The location of the lost item will appear on the ink stripe upon the paper, along with its name, and the time and date when it was lost. The location will appear only shortly, so concentrate. If, however, you wish to extend the period of its appearance, then along the line formed with ink draw another line using lavender oil.

This spell originated in Greece, where it is used to locate lost objects. All you need is a handkerchief made of natural fabric, some soil, and your powers of concentration. To begin, picture the lost item in your mind. As you visualize the lost object, tie the handkerchief into a knot. Then take the knotted handkerchief out to your garden (apartment dwellers may use a potted plant) and press the knot into the soil while reciting these words:

Back to the earth, back to the ground,
I won’t untie you until my (name lost item) is/are found.

Leave the handkerchief undisturbed until you find the lost item. When it is found, give thanks and untie the knot. Launder the handkerchief and put it away in a safe place to use again as needed.

Cast a circle and sit in the middle of it. Visualize yourself on a great map, where you are the compass needle. Close your eyes and allow your inner vision to go in all directions. Clearly visualize what you have lost. Try to remember the last time you had it in your possession. Allow your vision to point your inner compass and when you feel heat or a hot sensation, your “needle” should stop. “Look” for your item in that direction and chant:

North and South, East and West,
Find the source of my unrest.
Help me find what I have lost,
A value that defies its cost.
Return to me that which I need,
As I will, so mote it be.

One last spell for lost and mislaid possessions:

Possessions lost to another dimension,
Return to me now, that is my intention!
Possessions lost to borrowing friends,
Return to me now, the borrowing ends!
Possessions lost to memory failing,
Return to me now, heal this ailing!
Possessions mislaid now need to be found,
Return to me now, all safe and sound!
I call on the Goddess Mnemosyne
For memory boosting, now and all time.
I pray to thee now and hope that you hear,
Please help me to find all the things I hold dear.
To find my possessions, I need clarity.
As I will it, so mote it be!

Once the possession is found, please remember to thank the Goddess Mnemosyne and praise her for all the wisdom and clarity she has shared with you!


13 Responses to “Finding Lost Items”

  1. Nicole Tue, 24 Mar 09 at 1:57 PM #

    Awesome post!!
    May I write some of these in my journal?


    • Faerie♥Kat Tue, 24 Mar 09 at 2:38 PM #

      Hi Nicole

      Yes, in fact I think you SHOULD. You never know when something you come
      across in passing will be just the right spell or little ditty needed to
      get you out of a jam (or into one!)…

      I know in today’s legal environment there are all kinds of copyright laws,
      but under the law of the witches, no one owns magic or how it is accessed.
      While a coven or tradition may now guard their “grimoire” or “books of
      shadows” (BOS) from disclosure, such secrecy only came about as a response
      to persecution, not because they sought to withhold information from other
      witches or covens. I believe that such secrecy now only fuels suspicion
      and apparently many others feel the same way, otherwise there would be no
      witches out of the “broom closet!”

      I, myself, record things two ways: For the immediate, short-term, I create
      files on my computer. Then, for long-term storage, I have many beautiful,
      hand-made books, different ones for different subjects, in which I hand
      write (1) spells and rituals I create myself, (2) spells and rituals by
      others that I find very effective, and (3) spells and rituals by others
      that I think are worth saving.

      A lovely friend on eBay sells beautiful BOS pages for people who keep
      scrapbook-type BOSs, and I’ve often thought that would be a superior way to
      keep a BOS organized and make it possible to re-organize if you wanted or
      needed to in the future; what do you think?



  2. Marvin Tue, 24 Mar 09 at 9:18 PM #

    You have to “be” the towel! If I was a towel, where would I be. And so on.

    • Faerie♥Kat Tue, 24 Mar 09 at 10:33 PM #

      I’m afraid my ability to “be” a dish towel has waned with the years; alas,
      if I were as smart as a dish towel, I am sure I would be a much happier
      witch. I think I shall concentrate on “being” a homosapien lest I
      accidentally “become” a Martian (a fate far worse than turning into a dish
      towel!) {sniggle snert giggle}.

  3. Barefoot Gypsy Thu, 26 Mar 09 at 12:35 PM #

    These are so awesome Kat, you’ve been a busy little bee! I’m going to write down some of these things if you don’t mind sharing!

    • Faerie♥Kat Thu, 26 Mar 09 at 12:42 PM #

      Why, of course I don’t mind you writing these down. I posted them to share with the everybody. And I’m honored you would consider them worth your time. Of course, only the first one is my own, as I noted. When I collect spells from around the Internet, I always provide credit, unless the spell is so widely quoted that no single attribution is possible. So enjoy!

  4. Kathleen Sat, 30 May 09 at 10:44 AM #

    On 5/23/09 I lost my 5 carat engagement ring……………I recently lost 33 lbs. and was sure it had fallen off on a busy day running errands for the Sunday holiday cookout……..I always keep it in the corner of my vanity tray on my vanity and I took apart that vanity removing everything out of each drawer 4 times…………My husband and I went through every inch of this house and garage and my car and trash to no avail……….I called every place I went to that day and tried to meditate to try and remember when I last saw it on hand…….But I was too physically sick to my stomach to calm down enough to really think……I then just typed in on Google how to find lost objects and after I read about metal detectors etc., I came across your site and though I am very spiritual Faeries are not I subject I have ever studies and I felt a little silly reading the spells but I did anyway………….With in 24hrs. after I visited your site (which is now day 4 of it missing), I received a call from my insurance agency and when I hung up I was trying to decide where to keep the notes I took for the claim and I decided to put them under my vanity tray………..I walked into my bedroom and as I reached to lift up the tray, I noticed the tray was in the air a bit and there underneath as I lifted it up was my ring!!!!!!……..The very first thing I said to myself was THAT RING WAS NOT THERE BEFORE………And when I told my husband he said I swear that ring was nit there before when I looked……..We now have a Faerie Alter filled with grateful shinny objects………Thank you for you insightful help!…….It worked for us……Love………….Kathleen

    • Faerie♥Kat Sat, 30 May 09 at 3:06 PM #

      Dear Kathleen

      I was so excited to hear from you about your experience with the helpful naure of the fey! They are at the same time both a powerful and subtle influence on our daily lives, and if we can remember to turn to them in time of crisis (and I definitely think losing your engagement ring is a big crisis!), they can be instrumental in bringing about just the right weaving of the webs of certainty and chance to bring us back into the orbit of our lost possession, may it be animate or inanimate. Just as you have found, they work with us, not for us, as we still must contribute our own energies, but I (like you) have experiened far too many happy outcomes of retrieving lost items, pets and people with the help, guidance and intervention of the spiritaul entities I have come to know, love and commuicate with as faeries than to believe in their existence no less than I believe in my own.

      As in any religion or religious calling, trust and belief in both yourself and the naturally occuring energies which surround us (whether regarded as such) is the true foundation of spiritual happiness. If we have this trust and belief, and our hopes and/or desires (i.e., retrieving lost objects) are not fulfilled, we can still trust that either (1) there is a sound reason and valuable lesson in the offing (perhaps in materialism) or (2) the lost object will be replaced by something greater (perhaps both an engagement ring AND wedding ring, simultaneously, especially if the engagement has been dragging). So here I’ve gone again, free-associating, I hope you don’t mind — I do it all the time!

      The end result is that I am elated to know you are surrounded by such helpful and friendly faeries and entities, who obviously have your happiness and welfare foremost in their minds and actions — a small libation of milk spiked with honey (but not placed in a metal bowl — faeries don’t like iron and unless you are 100% sure the dish is made entirely of silver, gold or copper, try pottery, natural geodes, or even glass salt dishes (only of my faves–they’re so pretty and tiny) — as these elementals always appreciated for kindness in return for their such good deeds! Above all, enjoy their presence in your home and give their petty pilfering of the odd sock or barrette, my most fortunate and faerie-beloved new friend!

      Many faerie blessings,


    • Faerie♥Kat Sat, 30 May 09 at 3:08 PM #

      And, hey, Kathleen, triple blessings on your weight loss! May the God and Goddess be with you always to help you maintain your desired weight — so rock on girl and enjoy your triumph!!!

  5. Jessica Wed, 10 Jun 09 at 10:35 AM #

    I recently lost something and asked faeries to help me find it and they did. I have now read your site and would like to thank them for it, but it was in a park about 4000 miles from here and am not able to leave anything for the faeries that actually helped me (I was on holiday in Hawaii in Volcano National Park). I wonder if it would be beneficial to leave an alter of shiny objects in my house and would that relay the thank message on to the ones who helped me? Or do I have my own personal faeries that travel with me?

    • Faerie♥Kat Wed, 10 Jun 09 at 4:10 PM #

      Faerie Greetings, Jessica

      Faeries are not bound to either space or time as we know it, so they already are aware of how you feel. They do enjoy it, however, when we make an effort to show our gratitude here in our own time and space. This means you can make an offering to the faeries who so graciously helped you while you were in Hawaii, but can do it right in or near your home. Because faeries are attuned to nature, most faeries appreciate it when your offering helps nature or the environment. This does not mean, however, that your offering has to be outside, just that most are. Some ideas for outside offerings would be to plant a special tree or plant in their honor, as this helps to the care for the health of our planet. Some people leave out a dish of milk and honey (an ancient offering), but it was said to never leave an offering of clothing. Choosing a small gem stone that expresses the type of help they provided (there are many books and websites that describe the properties of stones and minerals) and burying it (again, look to books and the web) beneath a related tree or plant (if one is nearby) has become a very popular and modern offering. Depending upon how closely you want to develop your relationship with the faeries, you may want to create a small sacred space inside your home and place things upon it that you find and that remind you of the event and how thankful and grateful you are. Finally, it is quite possible that you do have either a faerie or a group of faeries who have chosen to link themselves to you and/or your family as protectors/guardians or just out of curiosity.

      I’m so delighted that you were able to experience the magic of these spiritual beings and I hope you will continue to learn more about them in order to experience more of the joy they can bring to your life.

      Faerie blessings,


  6. jessie Fri, 4 Sep 09 at 10:34 PM #

    im quite curious is there any negative effects or something bad in return that may happen if i try any one of this? and is my third eye going to be open?or is there a chance that i might call a bad spirit or something?…
    sorry im really curious and iám really in need of this spells but i dont want to suffer any consequences..
    thank you…

    • Faerie♥Kat Sat, 5 Sep 09 at 2:16 AM #

      Merry Meet Jessie

      There is nothing inherently dangerous in any of these spells, so you needn’t worry.

      In fact, there is nothing inherently dangerous in any spell; a spell consists chiefly of the WILL and INTENT of the spellcaster and as long as you keep your WILL and INTENT pure and non-malignant, you won’t experience any ill effects or accidently open yourself to unwanted forces or entities. If ever in doubt, cast a protective circle before invoking the spell.

      As far as opening your “third eye,” some people have this skill (usually identified as clairvoyance or pre-cognition) naturally and others never develop it at all. There are many exercises one can utilize to help open the brow chakra; spells, however, are not utilized to open this chakra and have no effect in this area, although the opposite is true: the power of the inner eye can be utilized to increase the power of a spell.

      I hope this post helps you find what you have lost.

      Blessed be,


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